What a ride!


     What else can we say but "WOW!" This past season has been a whirlwind. When we look back at all that has happened with Hawley Media we are humbled and grateful. We went from doing work for basically free (or free), to turning jobs down because we don't have the time. All this in just over 6 months! It has been trying, difficult, STRETCHING, but over all extremely rewarding. We have had to grow a lot... In areas I never even considered. Personally, I we are a very creative group of people so so the story telling is where we come alive, but when we first got started we didn't even consider that half IF NOT MORE of it would be administrative! Which, as creative people, the word administrative is like a curse word from the pits of hell. It just makes our heads explode, but it is so necessary for growth. It takes me back to when I (Jay) was in school, I would always say, "how on EARTH is this math class benefitting me!" aaannnnddddddd now I know lol. But I digress. The point of this blog was to THANK EVERYONE who has been apart of making Hawley Media what it is now. We will NEVER say that we did this alone because it is simply not true. For everyone who trusted us with the songs and stories, to the people who believed in us and prayed for us, thank you. 


The Hawley Media Team