Here's To 2014!

   2014 is going to be a awesome year! Not because I have the whole year booked up, or am RIDICULOUSLY busy. Because I don't. Actually, starting my own business is slightly terrifying. Anyways, back to the point, it's going to be a AWESOME year because I am choosing to live with a grateful attitude and if you find me with anything otherwise...You are allowed to kick my in the shin. Just tell me why after!

   There is some exciting news though.....Ready?.... I have signed a partnership with T.O.S.S (Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents) for the year 2014, been contracted on as a videographer for a GREAT new company called The Crowd Effect, and have been answering emails dealing with weddings and music videos frequently. Needless to say it is shaping up to be an incredibly year or learning and adventure!

   Now I know what you're thinking, I am in a good mood because things are going well. Which is partially true, but the reality is I am fortunate to be able to chase my dreams, have a wife that chases them with me and supports me, and I am that I am living with such incredible privileges. 


In 2011 I was blessed to travel to Kenya to shoot some footage of an amazing organization called Live Different, Or Love in Motion, They were thinking about changing their name and don't know if they did. Anyways, while I was there I met this beautiful little girl who followed us everywhere and always gave me a thumbs up. It literally always put me in a good mood. Pure happiness is contagious!! . Here is a pic of this beautiful little girl I met in Kenya.

Hope It Helps :)